Frequently Asked QuestionsParcel Tracking FAQ

I do not have my air waybill number, is it possible to track my shipment?
While we strongly advise you to make a record of your air waybill number, it is possible for our customer service to track your shipment without it under certain conditions. It is, however, impossible to track yourself without this number. Please contact customer service for assistance.

How many shipments can I track at one time?
The Website is not capable of tracking multiple shipments. You may only enter one air waybill number at any one time.

I cannot track my parcel on the Internet, why
In some cases DCB have had to allow for duplicate waybill numbers based on services provided to other courier companies. As a simple check, please track your parcel via the Air Waybill number with the first 3 letters of your account number immediately preceeding it. For Example: Air Waybill 123 for account DF07 might be tracked as 123DF0. Alternatively, please contact our customer service.

When I track my shipments, I sometimes get information for a shipment that does not appear to be going to the intended destination – why is this?
For operational reasons, DCB periodically recycles shipment air waybill numbers. Very occasionally this can result in information being in our systems at the same time for two shipments traveling under the same air waybill number. We have therefore had to cater for duplicate numbers in our system. DCB is working hard to eliminate these occurrences but, in the meantime, please accept our assurance that while the information may be confusing, your physical shipment will be receiving the same careful attention as all the others in our Network, and will still be heading to the correct destination. Please call customer service for further assistance should the information no be correct on the site.

Please also see “I cannot track my parcel on the internet, why”, for an alternative method of tracking your parcel.

I have tracked a shipment and the response is telling me to ‘contact DCB’ – why is this?
Usually, this is for routine reasons. The address may have been incorrect and we require clarification or it may not be possible to track your shipment without extra information. In these circumstances, a telephone call to your local customer service department will usually resolve the matter very quickly.

Did my shipment get there on time?
By using the tracking facility you can follow every step your shipment made through the DCB network including delivery times and who signed for the shipment. For more information please refer to Tracking on our WEB site.

When will my shipment arrive?
The DCB Tracking page can provide up-to-date information on your shipment location. If you require a time sensitive delivery, please consider using our Priority Delivery Service.