Frequently Asked QuestionsCustomer Service FAQ

What are the main DCB services for shipping documents and parcels?
DCB has a number of differing services to suite your every need. Please refer to services for an explanation on each service available.

What destinations are serviced?
Domestically, the whole of South Africa. Internationally, the whole world, more than 230 countries.

Are there special limits on weight or quantity?

What forms do I have to fill out?
You only have to fill out a DCB Air waybill.

How much will my shipment cost?
Please contact our customer service.

How do I report a loss/damage claim for a DCB shipment that failed to arrive, or was damaged?
If your shipment failed to arrive, it is important that you contact customer service with an accurate description of the goods and their packaging. Our ‘Problem Parcel Centres’ hold on to items that were not well addressed or that became detached from their packaging. It is possible that they will be able to reunite you with your shipment. If this fails, please contact customer service to file a report.

Please note that damage to goods in transit is frequently the result of inadequate packaging. Please contact customer service for advice on how to minimize the risk of damage to your shipments.

What is the maximum size of shipment I can send?
For purely operational reasons (the size of the door openings on our vehicles), we ask that a shipment not exceed 180 cm in any one dimension or weighs more than 250kgs. However, we will be pleased to advise you and arrange carriage of larger items. Additionally, for the safety of our couriers, we require notification of shipments that are of an incompatible nature.

I am responsible for packing my shipment. What do I have to do?
Either package the shipment securely or contact customer service for assistance. In conjunction with a partner, DCB offers packaging solutions to individual companies. For ad hoc parcels the packaging is the sender’s responsibility.

What weight is actually charged for my shipment?
The actual weight charged is determined by weighing the package on equipment meeting government requirements at DCB branches. Our tariffs are calculated on the greater of the VOLUMETRIC or actual mass, using a factor of

5 000/4 000 cubic centimeters = 1kg.

Dimensions = [L (cm) x B (cm) x H (cm)] = Volumetric Mass

Volumetric Factor = 5 000/4 000

The calculation is as follows:
e.g.: 1 carton = actual mass 120 kg.

= 100cm x 80cm x 100cm = 160kg Volumetric Mass (O/E & N/D service)

5 000/ 4 000 = 200kg Volumetric Mass (Economy service)

The chargeable mass is the higher of the two = 160kg for O/E & N/D or 200kg for Economy

I.e.: The consignment will be charged at 160kg/200kg.

Do DCB provide a proof of delivery?
DCB provides electronic P.O.D’s on line or can supply an imaged copy on request.

Do DCB collect from security?
DCB delivers and collects from security when requested. Please ensure that you stipulate this service when placing a collection request. For more information please refer to customer service.

Do DCB collect after hours?
DCB offers a 24 hour service at a premium. Please refer to customer service for an after hours collection or delivery price.

Can I collect from a DCB Branch?
DCB offers a hold-for-collection service at its branches. It does not, however, hold large volumes of freight.

For more information please refer to customer service.

Can my shipment still be there today?
DCB offers a Sameday Service between major centers. It also offers drive away options depending on geographical location and distance. For more information please refer to customer service.

Do DCB deliver tenders?
DCB delivers all kinds of urgent documentation where positive POD is essential. For more information please refer to customer service.

What type of goods do you not deliver?
Please refer to our terms and conditions of carriage.

Does DCB deliver Overnight Nationally?
Yes, DCB covers all major centers and regional offices. (See Branch Map)

Can DCB guarantee an Overnight Service?
DCB can guarantee an Overnight Service to major centers, provided the customer correctly fills out all documentation. The shipment must be within the specified dimensions and there must be no unforeseen or criminal hindrances to the shipment.

Is a Next Day Service always delivered the next day?
Unfortunately this is not a guaranteed service and customers are advised to send a shipment by Overnight Express if they require it to be at the final destination without fail. Why? Due to space availability on vehicles and other modes of transport as well as flight schedules the Premium service of Overnight Express always takes preference. Failing space availability or flight schedules, our Next Day Service is delivered to Main Centers during the course of the following working day.

How do I arrange a special delivery, covering Saturdays, Samedays, Priorities?
Please mark the necessary block on the waybill (please ensure the service is available first before marking) or alternatively contact customer service.

We have many couriers collecting daily form our premises, how will I recognize a DCB courier?

All DCB couriers are smartly dressed in DCB uniform and have an ID tag showing their photograph and details.

What are DCB’s standard delivery times?
Please refer to Services on the WEB site

Is there a cut-off time for me to place a Sameday?
There is no specific cut-off time. However, please note that a Sameday Service depends on flight availability and arrival. All carriers are required to lodge a Sameday shipment with the airlines at least one hour prior to the flight’s departure and this shipment is only available to the receiving courier at least one hour after the flight has landed. With this in mind Main Center Samedays must be planned and cannot just happen in the late afternoon. If this is the case, we will however endeavour to deliver after hours at a surcharge should this be required.

Can DCB deliver to the Post Office or a PO Box?
No. We need to deliver directly to the receiver of the parcel, who is required, for security reasons, to sign for acceptance of the goods.