About DCB Logistics

DCB Logistics was founded by Darren Simpson and Brian Hull in 1990. Initially known as Hulls Express Freight, the company launched the DCB Logistics Brand in 1996.

DCB logistics is one of the largest privately owned courier networks in South Africa with 11 branches and a fleet ranging from small goods vehicles to heavy duty long haul trucks.

Servicing thousands of destinations throughout the Republic of South Africa, DCB Logistics provides custom logistical solutions for a multitude of industry types:

  • Lifestyle Products
  • Sports Equipment
  • Wine
  • Retail
  • Home
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Chainstores
  • Automotive

Service Types include:

  • Same Day Express
  • Express
  • Economy Road Freight
  • International Services
  • Specialised/Custom

 DCB Logistics is a driven, passionate and proudly South African company.

Dedicated. Committed. Brilliance in motion !